|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Message of calm for tourists in Tenerife 

Tourists in Tenerife can rest assured they can enjoy their holiday without the fear of Mount Teide erupting or any major earthquake!

This is the message being relayed by tourism chiefs through the Canary Islands Institute for Volcanology (INVOLCAN) fol-lowing “misleading” reports in the UK press.

According to some of the national media in Britain, Mount Teide is “about to blow” at any time and if it does, could produce a major tsunami which could even swamp London.

This, says INVOLCAN, is NOT the case. Everything is normal, there is no need to panic, enjoy your stay in Tenerife and certainly don’t cancel your break!

A statement issued by the monitoring organisation assured: “Tenerife is an oceanic active volcanic island and as a typical active volcanic system, has background seismic activity related to its volcanism. Seismic swarms are common in active vol-canoes even during dormant periods, and Tenerife is currently experiencing a period of dormant volcanic activity. “

“The volcano-monitoring programme on Tenerife follows the highest international standards using permanent networks of instruments, as well as periodic scientific cam-paigns of observation. These instruments enable us to monitor the seismicity, gas emissions and ground defor-mation with an unprecedented level of detail.”

“Therefore, volcanism makes Tenerife Island an attractive tourist destination and the existence of a multidisciplinary programme for its volcanic surveillance, following the guidelines of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI), also makes Tenerife a safe tourist destination.”

“In addition to the volcano-monitoring programme, Tenerife island – as well as the other oceanic active volcanoes in the Canaries – counts on a Special Plan of Civil Protection and Emergency Response for Volcanic Risk in the Canary Islands (PEVOLCA) to respond to any kind of volcanic emergency. “

“According to the indications of PEVOLCA, the volcano alert level is currently in GREEN position, the lowest one; therefore, people can carry out their activities normally.”

*Always prepared if an emergency did happen. See inside.