|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Massive 6.7 million euro investment planned for tourist zones in Santiago del Teide 


Santiago del Teide council and Tenerife Cabildo will invest 6.7 million euros in the improvement of the tourist space.

Six projects are planned under the programmes of Improvement of the Tourist Product, Tenerife and the Sea or the Strategy and Regeneration of the Tourist Space of the MEDI-FDCAN scheme.

Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso, accompanied by the Mayor, Emilio Navarro, the Minister of Tourism, Alberto Bernabé and different members of the municipal corporation, visited the main tourist areas of Santiago del Teide to know about the sites where the main actions will be developed.

Currently, the projects of the La Hondura avenue and the Punta Negra-La Gaviota avenue are in the tender period, which, together with the improvement of the tourist zones in Playa de la Arena, will represent an important qualitative leap for the destination of Santiago del Teide.

The first of the planned works in the tourist area of Santiago del Teide is the La Hondura promenade, an action that has a budget of 1.2 million euros and is currently in the tender period. This project will allow the cons-truction of a continuous pro-menade in the area of La Hondura that will revalue the tourist enclave of Los Gigantes. This new coastal promenade will run between the current Las Bajas seafront and the Mirador del Roque and will connect both routes.

Specifically, and in those areas where the cliff allows it, cantilevered viewpoints made with metal structures will be executed, as specified in the project. Banks, bins as well as signalling and lighting elements will be placed along the entire route. Finally, the whole set will be embellished with the planting of different plant species.

Also, the planned work between Punta Negra Avenue and La Gaviota, which has an investment of more than 1,036,042 euros, is in tender. The urbanisation project includes the improvement and redefinition of a large section of the maritime avenue of Playa de La Arena and its intersection with Calle Alfonso Ferrer through a roundabout.

The improvement of the connections with Punta Negra and Ana María streets is also contemplated.

As well as improving the area, it is hoped to slowdown traffic on the main road and complete a tourist walk circuit. The works also include sidewalks, lands-caping, street furniture and lighting.

Shortly, the first phase of the Flor de Pascua street improvement project will also be put out to tender, with a budget of 1,609,752 euros. In this case, the idea is to promote the pedestrian use of public spaces and its road network to make them more attractive and revita-lise commercial activity taking into account the provision of parking, impro-ving existing equipment and the urban environment.

The project proposes the revitalisation of the existing free spaces, both in the Buganvilla square and in the Guíos beach, to generate a pedestrian path that connects them. This section will have a green space that will assume the function of a buffer against traffic.

Flor de Pascua and Poblado Marinero streets will become pedestrian streets, with a restricted traffic lane. Wide sidewalks, new street furniture and vegetation will contribute to increase the urban and environmental quality of the area.

The access to the beach of Los Guíos and the slope stabilisation in the La Vigilia ravine and the Sirena street rewards have already drafted projects.

These actions will involve an investment of 398,728 and 50,000 euros, respectively.

Finally, and still pending consensus with Costas, is the project to improve the beach of La Arena, with an estimated budget of 2.4 million euros.

This action includes the recovery of the public domain and the creation of a grand-stand that connects the beach with the promenade area.

Traffic and parking will be restricted and the beach will be provided with public services, changing rooms and a Red Cross post.