|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Loro Parque honours Belgian company with prestigious award 


The presidential office of the Canary Government hosted Loro Parque´s award ceremony ‘Premio Gorila 2016’, during which the company Versele-Laga was awarded with this prestigious recognition.

This Belgian corporation is an internationally known manufacturer of high-quality food and care brands for animals and pets.

This annual award ceremony, celebrating its 14th edition, aims to recognise exceptional performance, environmental responsibility and active implemen-tation of the strategies towards the sustainable use of resources.

President of Loro Parque, Wolfgang Kiessling, stressed the importance of Versele-Laga’s work, as the company sponsors Loro Parque Fundación in their efforts dedicated to the conservation of biodiversity.

Versele-Laga’s principles match exactly with the philosophy of Loro Parque and that is something that is highly important in a world where human population is increasing disproportionately to the amount of the natural resources. As a consequence, the natural habitats of the many wild animals are quickly deteriorating leading to the disappearance of many of these species.

There is more than one reason why Versele-Laga has been awarded with ‘Premio Gorila 2016’, whose representative, Mr. Lode Versele assessed to be “really proud to be one of the main sponsors of Loro Parque Fundación’” and told the attendees how “Loro Parque’s vision about the conservation of nature was aligned to that of their company”.

Versele-Laga, which has been collaborating with Loro Parque Fundación for 15 years, considers the labour of scientists and of those who love and dedicate their efforts to nature as key for its preservation. Among many other initiatives, the company has also been supporting foundation financially as a way of contributing to their cause.