|Monday, December 10, 2018
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La Laguna stresses its precious heritage and educates about graffiti 


La Laguna has launched a major new project to raise awareness about the problem of graffiti in the city and to make young people more aware of its precious heritage.

The campaign will include 30 workshops for fourth year students and ten guided routes full of anecdotes and legends about the historic centre.

“La Laguna pinta diferente” was launched by councillor for history and artistic heritage, Candelaria Díaz and is part of the events being prepared to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the declaration of the historic city as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“This action seeks, on the one hand, to address one of the essential issues currently facing the heritage of our city, the indiscriminate graffiti on walls, historic buildings, urban furniture; and, on the other hand, show the fact that La Laguna has a unique and special history to offer, which goes beyond the chronological and conventional narrative of its foundation and development, and which is full of peculiarities that make La Laguna a place, precisely, different,” says the local council.

The guided routes part of the programme is specifically aimed at local people as it is felt that if they get to know and love the place in which they live, this will be transmitted to others.

Ten routes have been organised, with a maximum duration of two hours, in which different mythical, anecdotal and curious elements of the history of the municipality will be relayed. It proposes to present some of its most significant sites from the historical, artistic and heritage point of view, its brief history, characteristics and meaning, using the anecdote or the legend as a reason to open the door to the great history of La Laguna.

The number of participants estimated in each route is 30 places; and will be held on Fridays, in the afternoon, and on Saturdays, in the morning, between November 3th and December 2nd, inclusive. Registration is free and can be done through the Association for Social Innovation Canarias-Canary Islands on the email info@adariscanarias.com and the phones 696 530 356 and 679 416 007.

On the other hand, the workshops for students started on October 9th and end on December 5th.

It is based on the idea that young people are probably unaware of the importance of their heritage and the damage that some graffiti inflict on it, but because they may be unaware of the true meaning of graffiti today, that is, an expressive language, an art urban, a contemporary artistic language. The workshops will include a tour of sites in La Laguna which have been damaged by graffiti.