|Monday, January 21, 2019
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Icod de los Vinos questions suspensión of weekend children’s service 

Icod de los Vinos is leading calls for a 24-hour pediatric emergency department at the north hospital.

The plenary session of the local council unanimously approved that this service be resumed during weekends and public holidays.

The proposal was raised by the councillor for social services and health, Carmen González and is now being forwarded to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC) and the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canaries.

In addition, the motion includes extending the request to the municipalities of the region of Ycoden Daute and the Valley of Orotava in order to get their support.

A spokesman for Icod de los Vinos council explained: “For a long time, the so-called Northern Hospital only offered care to children through a team of family physicians and emergency physicians of the Specialised Centre for Emergency Care (CEAU). In case a higher level of care or complementary tests were required, the children were referred to the University Hospital of La Laguna.”

“This situation forced a large part of the population of the north to travel to the metropolitan area to find a pediatrician on duty during the night, on weekends and holidays, especially concerning when it came to the health of children,” he continued.

“Complaints about this matter have been permanent in the citizenship during this time, especially by parents who have had to suffer the problem, with harsh stories about real situations lived with their children. “

“These are claims that have been received by municipalities throughout the north requesting a unanimous service, and finally, after seven years of complaints, it was possible to establish the desired emergency service pediatric, specifically in July this year even if limited to the weekends, from 9am to 9pm.”

However, to the “great surprise of all”, the service suddenly stopped in October after just three months and with no prior notice.

“Apparently, professionals on the sick have not been replaced,” said Carmen González.

The council says it regards this suspension as worrying, stressing: “We understand that there may be difficulties in finding specialists, but it is necessary to have complete information to clarify whether the necessary efforts have been made and whether the offers being made to pediatricians are attractive enough to attract the professionals who are needed. It is mandatory that they try to find formulas that must surely be within the reach of the Canary Islands health administration to solve the problem.”