|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Historic statues restored as La Laguna stresses toll of vandalism 

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Graffiti artists in La Laguna are being reminded about the untold damage their actions can cause as the city council embarks on restoring six historic sculptures.

The six busts of notable people are situated in three locations and are being cleaned and restored because of weather damage and vandalism.

They pay homage to Domingo Juan Manrique and Guillermo Perera and Álvarez, in the Plaza del Adelantado; José Hernández Amador, José Peraza de Ayala and Domingo Pérez Cáceres in the Plaza de la Catedral; and Juan Pérez Delgado (Nijota) in the Plaza de la Concepción.

Local councillor Candelaria Díaz said that in recent years vandalism and the elements had led to serious deterio-ration in the materials but they were determined to preserve La Laguna’s heritage.

The mayor, José Alberto Díaz recently paid a visit to look at the work being carried out by Bronze Sculptures.

The restoration will consist of the complete cleaning of all the pieces, cleansing of lichen, mosses and pigeon drop-pings.There will also be anti-graffiti treatment and cleaning of excess salts.

The budget for these works amounts to more than 7,000 euros.

Various initiatives are being carried out in the municipality to make sure graffiti is carried out as an urban art in the right places and not as vandalism. These include graffiti competitions on allocated walls and workshops.