|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Emails from public help in terrorism crackdown 

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Spain’s Civil Guard says citizen collaboration is helping them in their ongoing campaign against terrorism activity via the internet.

In recent months, five people have been arrested for spreading propaganda as a direct result of tip-offs from the public.

They also believe that the number of messages on the social network which humiliate or mock victims is on the decrease.

Anyone who spots such messsages is being urged to send an email to colabora@guardiacivil.org

“Most of these anonymous reports refer to the content of different terrorist groups, in particular ETA, but also of others such as GRAPO or TERRA LLIURE, as well as content that humiliates victims of terrorism directly.” a police spokesman explained.

 The Civil Guard has special service which uses the latest technology for monitoring, searching and analysing this type of information.

“Thanks to this civic collaboration, the presence of this humiliating contents in the network has also diminished, in addition to a greater awareness of the penalties that these publications may entail,” said the pólice.