|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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El Hierro combines nature, culture and gastronomy with underwater photography 


El Hierro is preparing to celebrate its 21st underwater photography competition which this year will combine nature, culture and gastronomy.

This international sub-marine photography contest makes the most of the island’s extraordinary seabed and is backed by the Canary Government as well as public and private entities.

The programme actually began in April with the launch of the second Photosub Online, a contest which promotes the practice of diving throughout the year, with monthly prizes for the best images taken by the divers themselves.

The III Open Photosub for Biodiversity, in Apnea format, will be on November 18th, together with a competition for children.

In association with the XXI Open Photosub, between November 17th and 26th, there will be the II Festival Geo & Sea, which this year unites culture, landscape and gastronomy to propose unique cultural experiences in this island Biosphere Reserve and World geopark.

The company “Pieles” will present a new show offering music and dance as a link to know the traditions of the Canary Islands in La Restinga on November 17th, with a seating capacity of 500 people.

Geo & Sea will then visit the Mirador de La Peña on November 24th and 25th with “La Deriva”, a theatricalisation of the history of Moncho II, fishermen of La Restinga (January 21, 1983) who remained lost drifting for days and were feared dead. However, they were rescued by an Algerian ship, El Negroma, who took them to Baltimore, USA.

History will converge with gastronomy on this occasion as tickets are on sale for a meal as well with top chefs presenting magnificent creations.

Finally, theatre via a fable will arrive again at the Recreational Park of Las Cancelitas on November 25th and 26th, combining landscape, culture and gastronomy and the rich products of El Hierro through” The Legend enchanted, a crazy chef. “

“We are trying to unite the rich gastronomy and the high quality of our products with culture,” said Cabildo president, Belén Allende.

Full details on www.elhierro.es and twitter.com/OpenFotosub