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Christian completes incredible 70km swim between Tenerife and Gran Canaria 

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The Mayor of Santa Cruz has received the swimmer Christian Jongeneel after uniting the city with Agaete in Gran Canaria.

He became the first athlete to complete the journey between the two capitals without using a wetsuit.

The Malaga swimmer achieved the crossing of 70 kilometres between Santa Cruz and Agaete in a time of 16 hours and ten minutes.

Sr. Bermúdez expressed to the athlete “the immense pride of Santa Cruz to have been chosen as the starting point of a solidarity initiative and a sporting adventure that nobody had dared to do without the help of a wet suit.”

Christian, who is a volunteer with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, decided that the capital of Tenerife should be the starting point for his solidary challenge, with which he intends to help the reconstruction of an orpha-nage in the Indian city of Anantapur.

The swimmer also expressed his gratitude to the city of Santa Cruz and the Royal Yacht Club of Tenerife “for the great reception and treatment they have given me” and invited anyone who wishes to collaborate by joining the project through the web www.brazadassolidarias.com/islascanarias/

The swimmer, who began his challenge after 5pm, told the Mayor about the ordeal he had to go through especially during the night part of the test, which was very long.

At one point, he became dizzy and sick because of a strong lateral current.

“I am very pleased to have been able to complete my challenge and to help the children of Anantapur with the reconstruction of their orphanage, ” he said.