|Monday, January 21, 2019
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Capital is “on its way to getting the leisure beach it deserves,” says Mayor 

The Port Authority has approvesd the agreement for the works of the beach of Valleseco in Santa Cruz.

The go-ahead from the Board of Directors of the body allows the execution of the so-called Zona de Charcos for 17 million euros to progress forward another step.

Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, said the approval of the agreement by the Port Authority is “fundamental” as it is the administration that will formally execute the work and regardless of whether the other three participate in its financing.

Sr. Bermudez welcomed the decision “because it marks the administrative start of the first phase of the project, which includes the area of the Zona de Charcos included in the design carried out by the architects Casariego and Guerra, under the name ‘Sol y Sombra’ .

The mayor explained that this first phase will include work on the surface between the Maritime Rescue tower and the Tenerife Sports Centre of Tenerife (Cidemat). This delimitation coincides, preci-sely, with the area reserved for the solarium and the Charcos in the aforementioned project Sol y Sombra, winner of the ideas’ competition convened at the time by the city council.

The new beach of Valleseco will allow, in the words of the mayor, to make real an old aspiration of Santa Cruz and provide the city with a leisure and entertainment area of the first level, very close to the city centre.

The agreement establishes the bases of the collaboration between the four administrations and the obligations of each one of them to execute a project in which 17 million euros will be invested between 2018 and 2021.

According to the terms of the agreement, the city council will contribute 5.1 million euros, an amount identical to that which will be invested by Tenerife Cabido and the Government of the Canary Islands, while the Port Authority will participate with 1.6 million euros.

These amounts include the drafting of the projects, the execution of the works, in addition to the facultative direction and the coordination of security and health, com-mon to any bidding proce-dure.

The political basis of the agreement approved by the Port Authority was set last April as a result of a meeting between all the adminis-trations attended by, besides the mayor, the president of Cabildo, Carlos Alonso; the Deputy Minister of the Environment of the Canary Islands Government, Blanca Pérez; the president of the Port Authority, Ricardo Melchior; councillor for infrastructures of the municipal corporation, José Alberto Díaz-Estébanez; the insular councillor of tourism, Alberto Bernabé, and the director of the Port, José Rafael Díaz.

Sr. Bermudez said it was “a maximum example of cooperation and collaboration between administrations”.

Now the other three administrations will have to follow the same process and approve the agreement in their respective executive bodies. The second phase of the project, which includes the sand area of the current beach, will be undertaken next.