|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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Wingate School’s new Scandinavian style classroom 

Wingate School has added more play area and four new classrooms over the summer to meet the growing demand for places. It has also expanded and revamped both the Nursery and Reception classrooms.

Wingate has always prided itself on the quality of education, and has focused on employing the best teachers and keeping class sizes low to offer as much individual attention to its pupils as possible. This attention to quality has meant that the school has always been highly rated, and even through the crisis, the number of pupils in the school has always been healthy. Now, as the economy has picked up, and after the recent inspection by BSO (British Schools Overseas) in which the school obtained Good to Outstanding in all areas, the demand for places has reached maximum levels and the school management decided it was time to double up in a few more year groups.

The new classrooms were designed by local architect Carlos Arocha with a distinct Scandinavian style, offering minimalistic and light classroom spaces optimised for learning. All classrooms offer high speed wifi for the use of the Chromebooks and have projectors all linked to the school cloud, using Google Classroom and Google Apps for Learning, to enhance the pupils’ learning experience. These classrooms are surrounded by a thick green astroturf, with a quiet shady relaxation area apart from the main playground, for students who do not wish to partake in the more energetic playtime activities of their peers. Nursery has also been expanded from 13 to 24 children, with a large new classroom and an extra two members of staff. It had also been given its own fenced off astroturf playing area full of educational toys. Nursery gives children a chance to prepare themselves for their time at Wingate, allowing the children to get used to a big school and, where necessary, get their level of English up to a level where they can learn and play comfortably in a totally English environment.

The level of English throughout the school is at an extremely high level, and this is something that the school is taking great efforts to maintain. Most of the children who leave the school are completely bilingual, and those whose parents speak a language other than English or Spanish at home, become tri-lingual! The waiting lists are still long, and Wingate School are trying to address this issue. The main objective is to grow and at the same time, maintain the high level of education it is famed for, so it has to be planned carefully. There are some exciting projects ahead for the school.