|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Volunteer students from year 11 Wingate 


Last Friday, around 24 children of Wingate School’s Year 11 class visited two centres in the north of the island, which aim to help those with mental disabilities. The trip was organised and funded by the Lion Charity who focus on connecting different people in the community.

The first centre visited was a type of day care for adults with learning disabilities. They would come in and work in different workshops, which included sewing, woodwork, gardening, etc. We went in and interacted with many people – and made quite a few friends along the way! We saw a great amount of amazing artwork and crafts that they had created. The second centre’s intention is to help those with down syndrome – with members ranging from babies to the elderly. This centre was supported through a printing service which those with down syndrome were a part of. The centre provided many facilities for the people there, such as a multisensory room to improve cognitive ability.

Both centres do so much to help the community in Tenerife and improve the quality of life of those people. It was an eye-opening experience since most of us weren’t aware centres like these existed on the island. It was also inspiring seeing people come past their disabilities and achieve things beyond most people’s capa-bilities. We encourage you to make trips like these and learn more from those around you, as we have learnt a lot from it ourselves. Small trips like these can brighten up people’s days – of those who visit and of those in the centres. For the future, we’re planning to get more involved with such charities and participate in other activities to benefit the community – such as fundrai-sers and volunteer work. We deeply feel that we can make a difference and hope that this article encourages people of our age group – and everyone willing to make a change – to find opportunities to help their local community.

Kareena Mirchandani, Ocean Tawiah and Anya Hurd