|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Two friends drown inTenerife whilst third survives 


Medics battled for more than an hour to try and save two German tourists who drowned together in the sea in Tenerife.

A third man, believed to be a friend of the pair who died, managed to get out of the water with the help of other bathers and was rushed to hospital.

It is believed all three were together on holiday in the north of the island.

The two men who died were both aged 35 and their friend who survived was 24.

They had been staying in Playa San Juan in Guía de Isora but had been visting the popular beach of El Bollullo in La Orotava about half an hour away.

The tragedy happened when Tenerife was experiencing very hot weather but strong winds which produced strong swells in the ocean.

The emergency services received several calls to say three people were in trouble in the water and couldn’t get out by themselves.

Spanish media reported that the red flag was flying but this has not been confirmed.

“When the emergency helicopter arrived, one of the three had managed to get out of the sea, helped by other people,” said a spokesman for the 112 service. “The other two men were located and were winched up.”

“It was confirmed they were in cardiac arrest so they were transferred to the port at Puerto de la Cruz.”

“Resuscitation techniques were performed whilst they were on the helicopter and afterwards on the ground for more than an hour without obtaining results and both men were declared dead.”

On the same afternoon, a man and woman aged 26 and 23, were saved from drowning in the sea off a beach in the capital of Santa Cruz.

Over the previous days, a 32-year-old man was rushed to hospital after nearly drowning in Fuerteventura and a 90-year-old German woman was rushed to hospital in a critical condi-tion after being pulled from the water at Costa Calma on the same island.

On October 11th, a German man aged 78 drowned in Lanzarote and in a separate incident on the same day, a 74-year-old woman, also German, drowned in Fuerteventura.

The authorities say the Canary Islands are a safe place to swim but people must be aware of the strength of the sea and possible underwater currents and not take any chances.