|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Tenerife needs to “grow in quality, not simply numbers”, say tourism leaders 

Tenerife must take advantage of its tourism boom to refurbish all of its hotel accommodation just in case the good times don’t last for ever, it has been stressed.

The message was relayed by island leaders during a conference organised by El Corte Inglés Business Division.

The way forward for the tourism destination was one of the main issues discussed during “Renueva Hotel” by Jorge Marichal, president of the hotel employers’ association Ashotel, and the adviser of Tourism of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Alberto Bernabé.

The event was held in the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa Paraiso which itself was praised for the renovation of two towers, previously three stars, to create the five-star establishment.

Sr. Marichal was convinced that “to grow is to mature, not to grow old, to be very clear about what we want and where we go in our business; we must be smart, not short-sighted and make a diagnosis in the medium and long term that allows us to gain in compe-titiveness.”

And he added: “Now we are living the moment of hotel renovation, we have to take advantage of this positive situation to put all our outdated facilities in order, because this good cycle will not last forever.”

In this regard, he also recalled that the hotel renovation in which many establishments in Tenerife and the Canary Islands are imme-rsed must be accompanied by a rehabilitation and fine tuning of the public space.

“What would it do us to have updated hotels and in perfect condition if the tourist then goes out into the street and the environment does not match it?” he asked.

Sr. Bernabe agreed with Sr. Marichal that “Tenerife is an unbeatable destination” but clarified that “it will never compete on prices with other destinations, that is not our objective.”

“It would be a big mistake not to take advantage of the current moment to renovate the entire obsolete plant,” he added.

He said little by little, Tenerife should be improving its facilities, stressing: “We should not play in the price league, but in the quality league.”

Sr. Marichal said: “We do not want to be presumptuous, but we have a better destiny than we think, we have to believe it, but not to rest on our laurels or for these good figures to blind us; we need to create greater added value, grow not in numbers, but in quality.”

The conference also spoke about holiday rentals and tourism phobia, revealing that 45% of holiday homes in the Canaries is in hands of business groups.

Sr. Barnabas agreed that holiday rental should exist, but “not in the same areas of traditional hotels, because that coincidence gives us a problem model.” “Let us not try our luck with what has worked well for us; using the same space for both activities can be a time bomb that breaks the current model, developed in consolidated tourist ground, “he insisted.