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Sporting bonanza in Santa Cruz as city announces host of events 


Santa Cruz is showing its muscles by increasing its sporting offer for all.

The city will host almost 20 tests until the end of the year, including the Tenerife Marathon, with more than 3,000 runners.

The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez said the activities had been planned for all the family in mind and added that “physical activity is not only what is done in a federated way. Our mission is to serve all those who want to practise a sport.”

“Fortunately, the reorganisation of municipal accounts has allowed us to recover activities and investments that were lost in the day, as happened with extracurricular activities that generate regulated activities in the afternoon to meet the objectives of a healthy physi-cal activity at an early age,” he explained.

He also revealed that the council intended to invest heavily in sport facilities such as preparing the Quico Cabrera pavilion to possibly host the largest ever event in Santa Cruz with the Women’s Basketball World Cup, which will have an investment of almost one million euros.

“We have also put out to tender the facilities annexed to Quico Cabrera with an investment that will also exceed 10 million euros and we hope to award this winter, ” said the Mayor.

The mayor also recalled that there is a commitment “to carry out two modern indoor pools, one in Tíncer and another in Cuesta Piedra, with gymnasium and other facilities that will give a good service to the residents of Santa Cruz.”

Other initiatives developed by the City of Santa Cruz include the programme of Municipal Schools, which began on September 18th and will continue until June.

“The number of enrolled students is 908 students, a figure that significantly exceeds the 700 participants in the previous edition, so you can see an upward trend,” said the councillor for sport, Verónica Meseguer. “The disciplines most in demand are sports gym-nastics, pre-sport, indoor soccer, swimming, skating and tennis. “

“Santa Cruz for an Active Maturity” also focuses on activities of adapted and healthy gymnastics for people over 55 years of age, developed free of charge in all five districts of the municipality, twice a week.

On October 27th and 28th, motor fans will have their appointment with the XXXXIII Rally Orvecame Island of Tenerife, whilst the Boxam 2017 International Tournament starts on October 31st until November 5th.

This event will gather about 300 people in Santa Cruz including athletes, referees, coaches and relatives. The capital, in this way, will become the world reference of amateur boxing with the presence of nearly 20 national teams, among which have already confir-med their presence Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Scotland, Domini-ca, Finland , France, Wales, Hungary, England, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey and Cape Verde.

November will be a very urban month with multiple championships and outdoor events.

This will include the International Marathon Sport Zone of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the most multitudinous race of all that are celebrated in the province, will live its fourth edition on the 12th.

On November 26th, the El Corte Inglés Popular Race will also take place, which is another of the tests that has already been established for years between the most consolidated runners and those who start in this exciting world in the various categories.

December highlights inclu-de the XXI International Junior Basketball Tournament City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife from the 14th to 17th.