|Sunday, February 17, 2019
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“Sara Puerto” project helps women to find new work 


Puerto de la Cruz has been helping women over 45 deemed in the social “at risk of exclusion” group back into the labour market.

The local council has been taking part in the European project “Sara Puerto ” and says it has been a success.

It has managed to find temporary work for a third of the women who took part, some of whom had not had any sort of contract for as much as 12 years. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Federation of Popular Universities of Spain and the Institute of Women, aiming to facilitate the work prospects of the selected women.

“Sara Puerto” helps to raise the esteem of the women deemed to have a low educational level and at risk of socio-labour exclusion due to their gender.

Over a period of six months, they were given personal coaching, specific training, pointed in the direction of the jobs they should be looking for and establishing a digital presence. Those who have found temporary jobs have done so in the restaurant trade and care for the elderly. Councillor for the Women’s Area, Diana Morá encouraged all the organisations involved in the project to continue their good work.