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Safety review after second death in Masca barranco 

A second death in one of Tenerife’s most popular tourist spots has led to new safety calls.

A 56-year-old German man was out walking in the Masca barranco when he suffered an accident and fell about 24ft down the ravine.

It is the second death within a month as in September a 57-year-old Norwegian woman died after also suffering a fall from several metres.

Tenerife fire brigade has already issued an urgent warning to visitors following a string of complicated rescues due to falls or mishaps.

The latest tragedy happened just after 11.30am on October 18th and led to a full-scale rescue mission involving six of the emergency services, including the police and helicopter.

When firemen reached the man down a deep slope, they found he had suffered multiple injuries of a serious nature and was in cardiac arrest.

Prolonged efforts were made to save his life, both at the scene after his arrival by helicopter at the football field in Los Cristianos as well as during the journey to hospital but he died.

Following the tragedy, representatives from the fire brigade went back to the barranco for a meeting with security and emergency personnel from the Canary Government. Volunteer firefighters from Santiago del Teide were also present to discuss how to make access to the famous beauty spot safer.

Once again, there is an appeal for visitors to take extra special care and not to under-estimate the difficulty or steepness of this popular ravine, particularly during very hot weather or when it has been raining.

The fire service has been involved in at least 20 rescues in Masca, a number which increased again when they were called out last week to rescue yet another walker who slipped several metres down the barranco.

Masca village is very beautiful but the ravine down to the sea is notoriously steep and difficult and many people are unprepared for the challenge it presents. Tourists often become disorientated, slip or are unable to continue on their own because of exhaustion of heatstroke.

The fire service reminds people they should always take a fully-charged phone out with them, as well making use of geolocation services in the WhatsApp application. This can prove invaluable in the event of a rescue.

They also say don’t go out alone, always check weather conditions, use the right equipment, plan the route and calculate schedules, carry enough water or food and do not overestimate the real possibilities of doing the route.