|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Puerto promises better public lighting and energy saving 


Puerto de la Cruz is promising an improvement in public lighting and energy and cost saving in the process.

The local council’s general services department has completed the initial procedure of awarding the mixed contract supply of energy management and the integral maintenance of public outdoor lighting, traffic lights and municipal facilities.

“This will represent a significant improvement over the current situation of lighting public spaces and energy saving in the tourist city,” said a spokesman.

The Governing Board has awarded the dossier to IMESAPI, whose economic offer was 15,321,333.06 euros, 16% below the Low Bidding Budget, for a management period of 13 years (12 + 1) . In addition, the company has included in its offer an investment improvement of just over 200,000 euros, committing itself to replace approximately 3,600 light points within the first six months of the contract. Fundamentally changes will be made to lighting systems, implementing high efficiency LED technology.

Industry councillor Ángel Montañés said the most important result of this procedure will be the reduction of energy consumption expected to be registered in the municipality in terms of public lighting once the system is implemented.

“We expect to save more than 60% of the energy that has been consumed so far, which represents a real commitment to sustainability, in this case acting from the local level,” he said.

The system to be used will become a “benchmark in lighting internationally” as it will be implemented with point-to-point remote management based on state-of-the-art technology. It will detect faults quickly and allow them to be repaired within 24 hours.

Other innovations included in the contract will be the maintenance of municipal buildings in energy and traffic lights of the city’s roads, thus allowing the improvement in the operation and efficiency of these units.