|Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Prolific graffiti artist caught as police warn of tough action 

Graffiti artists who are ruining public property in Santa Cruz have been told they will face prosecution and hefty fines if caught.

The warning follows the arrest of a 19-year-old who is believed to have been responsible for 50 incidents using the tag “Nesk”.

Six allegations have been laid against him and he could be fined 5,000 euros for daubing the graffiti on street furniture and private and public properties.

The police investigation began in December 2016 following complaints from local residents.

The six sanctions relate to graffiti in calles Callao de Lima, Numancia, General O’Donell, San Clemente, Doctor Allart and Ángel Guimerá.

He was caught thanks to the involvement of an expert graphologist who was able to study the strokes and look at the social networks and videos to determine the links in a scientific way.

At present, the Local Police and this team of graphologists are investigating another citizen, who could be the author of many graffiti in the city. Councillor for security, Zaida González congratulated the police “for the great effort and dedication in relation to this matter, persecuting all those who comment vandal acts in our city.”

He warned the tough stance would continue to eliminate or substantially reduce such vandalism once and for all.

Councillor for public services, Dámaso Arteaga said it was hoped the tough fines would be a deterrent.

Both councillors stressed that Santa Cruz has authorised surfaces where graffiti is allowed.

In May, the police, with the collaboration of the graphical technical team, also managed to identify and sanction eight graffiti artists One of them, aged 17, had been the author of over 200 graffiti in the capital.