|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Problem of bullying addressed by Guía de Isora council 


Guía de Isora council has launched a pioneering campaign to prevent bullying aimed at staff in different areas working with children and young people.

Talks have been given to Local Police officers and technical personnel with the purpose of improving their performance in order to attend consultations of the municipal families, receive complaints and prevent possible situations of bullying in the municipality.

The activity has focused on the knowledge of existing protocols and related laws. The session was given by the equality policy sociologist, Patricia García Ojeda, who valued the effort of the local council to focus on prevention actions.

“Cross-training in this type of problem is not something so common and very few councils offer it with all the areas involved, taking into account also the limited powers they have to act in cases of bullying, ” she said.

Training in prevention directed at schoolchildren is consolidated in the municipality, in fact, it is the fourth consecutive year in which this training programme is taken to the institutes.

According to the councillor for education, security and equality, Ángeles González, “with this activity we completed a cycle of workshops on this form of school violence in which we had previously instructed students and teachers of the ESO of the two institutes of the municipality, the IES Alcalá and the IES Manuel Martín González “.