|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Police warning over clandestine sale of drugs after major operation 

The Spanish Civil Guard, in conjunction with Interpol worldwide, has intervened about 4,507,050 doses of counterfeit drugs, including enhancers of sexual function and muscle mass.

The operation has resulted in the arrest of 62 people and the investigation of another 22, in a total of 23 operations of which 20 are still active.

There have been 1,442 inspections in different establishments such as herbalists, gyms, sex shops, parapharmacies and sale of dietetic foods, in which 545 administrative infractions have been formulated and two criminal offences have been detected.

 In the same way, the distribution of counterfeit and illegal drugs on the Internet has been acted upon, with administrative inspections being intensified at unauthorised distribution points.

 The main objective of this operation is to combat the phenomenon of advertising, sale and illegal supply of medicines, medical devices and medical devices, in particular those falsified or not licensed through the Internet.

 ”The propaganda, sale and supply of medicines outside authorised channels is becoming a global criminal activity, posing a global health risk and in many cases linked to transnational organised crime,” said a police spokesman.

 INTERPOL has also been notified of a total of 88 web page addresses and advertisements from which drugs are illegally advertised, offered or distributed. The most offered in them are those indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and sexual invigorators, slimming and enhancers of muscle mass and used in doping in sport. Several of these pages are immersed in some active research and with the procedures initiated to urge its closure by the National Court.