|Friday, January 18, 2019
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Police warn about bank ATM machine frauds 


Police have issued a warning about customers who use a bank machine which might have been tampered with.

They say organised gangs are using all sorts of ploys to get your money so being alert is one of the first steps to avoid being stung.

The Civil Guard says that if you put your card into the bank’s ATM and it doesn’t give the money out, NEVER leave.

They advise checking the slot and calling your bank immediately or the police on #062 #112.

There are five signs to watch out for if you suspect tampering.

1 A fake front which captures your pincode and money.

2 A bulky card slot. This could mean there is a skimmer inside which duplicates the magnetic strip on your card.

3 Loose or blocked slot. There is probably a ‘Lebanese loop’, a metallic device, inside to trap your card. It is then removed when you are gone.

4 Loose keyboard: it is probably false and reading your data.

5 Strangers around: they could be paying attention to what you are doing waiting and for you to get distracted.