|Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Police stress levels prompt concern in Spanish parliament 

The number of Civil Guard officers off ill with some sort of psychiatric ailment until June of this year amounted to 494, of which 56 correspond to personnel serving in the Canary Islands.

The figures were released by the Spanish Government in a parliamentary response in writing to the Socialist deputy Miguel Angel Heredia.

According to the answer, Madrid is the province with the most cases of this type, with 46, ahead of Las Palmas, with 31, and Seville, with 29.

Above the 20 psychiatric casualties in just six months among Civil Guard agents are also Valencia (26), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (25), Cádiz (22) and Murcia (21).

Sr. Heredia has expressed concern about this situation and has announced his intention to raise to raise the matter with the Government.

He is also going to ask whether the cut in the number of Civil Guard personnel since Mariano Rajoy arrived at the Government may have something to do with a greater stress of the agents in the work and therefore would explain a good number of these casualties.

“The management of the Government leaves much to be desired, since in the last six years the workforce of the Benemérita has been cut by 6.4%, going from 82,692 in 2011 to the current 77,427 troops,” he said.

In addition, Sr. Heredia will focus on the need to increase the Psychology Units of the Civil Guard and the staff and will ask the Government if it envisages a significant increase in Units and staff for 2018.