|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Northern mayors call for end of TF-5 traffic congestion with special lane 

The mayors of the north of Tenerife have issued a joint call for action to solve traffic jams on the TF-5 and have suggested a special priority lane is the best answer.

They say it could be used for buses and vehicles with high occupancy (VAO).

The call is being joined by the mayors of La Orotava, El Sauzal and Santa Ursula, three of the north municipalities most affected by the horrendous queues which happen every day.

They point out that the jams have been happening “for decades” and local people are totally fed-up with the situation.

The special lane would be the best alternative at the moment and the most cost effective as well.

The new lane would start from La Orotava where the Mayor, Franciso Linares says a solution must be found as soon as possible and the bus-VAO lane is the best idea in the short and medium term.

Sr. Linares voiced “absolute thanks” to the Cabildo for promoting an initiative that “must solve all technical constraints.”

The mayor of Santa Úrsula, Juan Acosta (AISU), said that “if technicians say that lane is the most feasible solution, go ahead. We cannot continue with these traffic jams every day.”

Park and ride type car-parks are also being suggested, areas where people could park their cars and then share another vehicle with others.

Mayor of La Vcitoria, Haroldo Martin said: ” I support anything that helps to reduce the problem of traffic jams in TF-5. Start tomorrow.”

The Mayor of La Matanza de Acentejo, Ignacio Rodríguez (PSOE), defendedthe promotion of public transport and the use of the shared vehicle but did not want any new lane to “further divide the municipalities that are affected by TF-5”.

The same sentiments have been shared by other mayors of the north, including the Mayor of Tacoronte, Álvaro Dávila (CC), who said: “We want to end the traffic jams as soon as possible.”