|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Nigerian women forced to work as prostitutes under death threats 

National Police agents have disarticulated an organisation of Nigerian origin dedicated to the trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

As a result of the operation, five people have been arrested, three of them in Benidorm and Pedreguerand two in Logroño (La Rioja), and one victim has been released.

The organisation, based in Alicante and La Rioja, was notable for its great mobility at national level and the high security measures used to evade police action.

The main migratory route used by the members was Libya as a step before Europe, a cheaper route for criminal organisations but, at the same time, much more dangerous for the victims.

The gang was led by a wo-man of Nigerian origin who was dedicated to the exploi-tation of women of the same nationality.

Victims were forced to live on the same floor where they were engaged in prostitution. In addition, they were conti-nually changing homes to avoid being linked to the world of prostitution. They caught women who were very young and vulnerable due to the state of need they had in their country of origin,” said a police spokesman.

“They gave them false offers of well-paid jobs in Europe and, once convinced, they were subjected to voodoo rituals in the presence of a direct relative with whom a loyalty contract with the network was sworn. In the case of not fulfilling this contract, they would suffer all kinds of evils and were even threatened with death.”

The victim had to exercise prostitution to pay off a debt of 45,000 euros