|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Ibiza party resort to crackdown on unacceptable noise levels 


Tourism chiefs in one of Ibiza’s most popular holiday resorts are to get tough over its unwanted party image by declaring war on noise.

The clampdown in San Antonio, famous for its bars and nightclubs, is part of the island’s crackdown on drunken tourism and “uncivic behaviour”, a move reflected in Mallorca.

Council leaders say local residents are totally fed up with the continous noise at night which is hitting the “unacceptable” leve of 85.9 decibels. This is 20 decibels higher than the permitted norm and is somewhere between the noise emitted by a Boeing 737 one mile from landing and a diesel train at 45 mph!

Environmental officers have promised a continuous on-slaught against businesses until the levels are brought down to 65 decibels per day and 55 per night.

Noise experts say 60 decibels is equal to conversation in a restaurant, office or background music or an air conditioning unit at 100ft.

The night-time level of 55 decibels is like a quiet suburb or conversation at home.

Bars and clubs which refuse to abide by new regulations will be closed, it has been warned.

The tough clampdown will centre on West End where scores of bars and clubs line four or five of the main streets and is widely known as THE place to party.

But San Antonio council says the noise level at the moment is “unbearable” and action has to be taken.

A series of checks and readings has already taken place and one of the first ideas is to turn the area into a Special Zone of Acoustic Protection.

It is hoped to make this declaration in November, “accompanied by a series of corrective measures aimed at alleviating the situation and a technical report that guarantees its impact,” said a council spokesman.

San Antonio’s councillor for the environment, Pablo Valdés said there was “no alternative” because of the excessive noise levels being reached.

“You have to be brave and approach the focus of the problems,” he told Diario de Ibiza.

He says the excessive noise has caused local people to move away from the centre, adding: “not forgetting the disturbances of public order and the torrent of images of excesses in the streets summer after summer, which has generated a perception of the current tourist model as a hostile activity among the island population.”

Other measures include pedestrianisation of the zone to reduce traffic noise and stepped-up police controls. However, the local authority says both of these have already started and the horrendous noise levels show no sign of abating.

“All studies indicate that the limits have been exceeded,” said the Mayor, Josep Tur. “The council cannot ignore the obvious.”

San Antonio council says it will also consider STOPPING the opening of new bars and clubs as they feel numbers are already at saturation point.

The council says the various clubs and bars in the area are fully aware of the proposals which are in addition to noise pollution controls planned by the Balearic Government.

It is claimed that some of the businesses are planning to shut up shop and some have already closed and moved out.