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Home comforts: Mouse cages and bedding 

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The best home for your pet mice is either a wire cage with a plastic tray floor or a tank (glass or plastic) with a secure wire lid. Wooden cages absorb urine and tend to become smelly.

Two mice need a cage size of at least 60cm x 50cm floor space, by 30cm tall. This gives them more than enough room to stand upright. Mice like to climb, which wire cages allow, but they can squeeze through tiny gaps so spaces between the bars should not be larger than the width of your little finger.

Put bedding on the floor to absorb urine. Dust-extracted bedding or shredded paper are best as dusty or scented bedding may affect a mouse’s delicate respiratory system.

Don’t use cedar shavings as these can cause health problems. The cage should also contain a nest box filled with shredded tissue paper.

Clean out the cage at least once a week – more often for males. Take out soiled and wet bedding but, to make sure your mice are reassured by a familiar smell, mix in a little of the old bedding (and if necessary, nesting material) with the new. Make sure your mice’s home is away from draughts and direct sources of heat and is somewhere they can’t be harassed or attacked by other pets.