|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Granadilla launches “from blue to green” recycling scheme to replenish trees 


Granadilla council is to convert paper and cardboard recycling into new green areas for the municipality.

“Granadilla from blue to green” will allow the planting of a tree for every four tons of selective collection in streets, shops, schools and municipal facilities. The campaign, which was presented by the Mayor, José Domingo Regalado; the president and vice president of Sermugran, Marcos González and María Candelaria Rodríguez respectively, as well as the manager of the public company, Juan Manuel Plasencia, intends to convert the recycling of these materials into new green areas and beautification for the municipality. Sr. Rega-lado said this project has as its main axis the selective collection of paper and cardboard by the population of Granadilla de Abona in the different collection systems that Sermugran has established for this service: collection through containers in the street, door to door collection of shops and schools and municipal facilities.

“The purpose is to increase the selective collection and, as compensation for society, to transform that waste again into trees or green areas that will beautify the municipality,” said the mayor.

For this, the total count of tons collected through the three collection systems that Sermugran has established for this waste will be allocated an amount to the purchase of trees or plant material of long duration that allows, in the short or medium term, to increase notably the wooded areas of Granadilla de Abona.

Sr. González said the project is open to all residents, businesses, companies of any branch of activity, CEIP, IES and all those personnel of municipal centres and facilities of Granadilla de Abona. The planting and subsequent maintenance of these trees will be carried out by the maintenance service of gardens of the municipality. The conversion will be as follows: for every four tons of paper and cardboard collec-ted in the municipality, Sermugran will acquire a small tree (1.5-2 metres), which will be planted in the different public spaces, alcorques, parks, schools or green areas of the different districts of the municipality.

María Candelaria Rodrí-guez highlighted the com-mitment that has been made during this year with the entrustment of this service to the public company since January 31. In only eight months, the percentage of recycling has surpassed 24% compared to the figure of 2016, since it has gone from 387 tons to 477, so far this year.

“We will be able to plant around 200 trees with what has been collected to date”, she said.

Juan Manuel Plasencia said that at the base of each of the trees will be placed an identification plate indicating that the planting of said tree is due to the recycling of paper and cardboard and the number that corresponds to it in relation to the total trees planted through the ‘Blue-Green Granadilla’ programme, so that it is possible to know the results of all trees planted through this project. Sermugran will also post details on its website of www.sermugran.es