|Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Dog walker finds skeleton in the sand of Spanish beach 

Police are investigating the discovery of a skeleton buried on a popular tourist beach in Alicante.

It is the second body found in the same area this year, coincidentally by the same man out walking his dog and just 300 metres apart.

However, the first set of remains unearthed in January were later discovered to be more than 100 years old and police believe there is no relation between the two.

The gruesome discovery was made on the beach of El Saladar-Urbanova de Alicante by the dog walker who saw what he believed to be human bones sticking out of the sand.

The skeleton was buried in a rocky area about 300 metres from the shore and the fire brigade had to be called in to dig it up because of the hardness of the ground.

Forensic experts say the skeleton was half complete but they believe it could be that of a child or of a young person.

The remains were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine to try to determine the cause of death and any clues as to the person’s identity.

Preliminary tests suggest the skeleton would be about 20 years old.

The identity of the other skeleton found in January was never established because of its age and the lack of any DNA.