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Cats and kittens waiting for their forever home 


Have you considered getting a cat/kitten but you can’t because you already have a dog?

Despite the saying “fighting like cat and dog”, there are ways that you can fit your new cat/kitten into your already dog residing home.

If you’re bringing a new cat/kitten into your home where there’s a dog, make sure there’s somewhere for them to have some space away from each other. Don’t just let your dog chase your cat around. Keep them separate for a few days. Animals need time to get to know each other’s smells and get to know their new home before they can deal with getting to know another animal. Cats and dogs are more likely to fight or be unhappy if you force them together suddenly. Don’t let the first encounter your cat/kitten has with your dog be a bad one. They need to feel safe and secure in their new home. Mixing the animals smells by stroking the cat then the dog and vice versa also helps. Let them sniff out where each other has been without the other being present. Smells are important it’s the way they get to know each other.

Wait to introduce them until your cat/kitten seems relaxed and ready, and both are calm. Your cat should have a place where it can always get away from your dog. Cat tree’s, baby gates and the back of the sofa are usually a favourite, whatever allows them to escape. Don’t forget a cat will generally attack a dog when it’s backed into a corner with no way to get away.

If your cat or dog hasn’t lived with another animal before, it won’t immediately know how to deal with the situation straightaway so they’ll need time. Either way it is possible to live with both animals under the same roof. You may find your cat becomes the boss. But in no time they’ll be the best of friends.

Here at the cats welfare in Tenerife we have many cats and kittens awaiting their forever homes. Contact us via our website www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com or ring/whatsapp Sharon (English) on 662 52 40 06. 7 days a week 09.00-18.00 or Sandra (Spanish and German) after 18.00 on 671282773. All kittens go with a week’s trial, in your home, so you can be sure you’ve made the decision.

New kittens to adopt

Monday comes around far too quickly, but at the start of the week we have the new kittens waiting to be adopted at Vets Express (Torviscas Alto.) Three very playful, full of energy and fun ones this week. two boys and one girl. All completely litter trained.

Adopt two kittens together (the best option for you and the kittens) you only have to pay for kitten injection, micro chip and neutering for one kitten, the other kitten receives these treatments FREE. Kitten injection, micro chip and neutering is FREE for ALL BLACK KITTENS. Contact Vets Express 615605888 to arrange to view these kittens.

Our shop

Donation items can be dropped into the shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur. It is open seven days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but on Saturdays closes at 16.00. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate please ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection.

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