|Monday, December 10, 2018
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Canary cocaine gang used human mules from the Netherlands 

Police in the Canary Islands have dismantled a drug-smuggling gang which used a network of human mules to get cocaine into the islands through the airports.

Eleven suspects have been arrested, one of them in Lleida.

The Operation was carried out by the Organised and Antidrug Crime Team (EDOA) of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Command of the Civil Guard of Las Palmas, with the collaboration of the Local Police of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The suspects are accused of alleged crimes against public health, money laun-dering and belonging to a criminal organisation.

In the development of Operation ‘Altagracia’ , police also seized 4.85 kilograms of heroin and 35,725 euros.

The action began after receiving several reports at the end of March of the existence of a network set up in Belgium that would be sending human mails of drugs, more known as mules or body-packers, to the Canary Islands through direct flights from the Netherlands.

It was then decided to establish several controls at the airport to detain them, intercepting up to three persons on flights from the Netherlands. After radiological examinations were carried out, they were found to be carrying large numbers of foreign bodies inside their bodies which contained heroin.

After they were expelled, it was discovered that each of them had swallowed up to a kilogram of heroin of great purity.

The proceeds from the sale of the drug were laundered by investing in different types of businesses, such as phone booth shops or lottery administrations. Front men were also used to acquire goods of various kinds.

However, as a result of the investigation carried out and coordinated by the Court of Instruction No. 2 of Telde, between August and September, police arrested five people of Spanish nationality, four other human mails of Dutch nationality, another person in Lerida and two other relatives who acted as front men to launder money.

At the same time, six raids were carried out in Las Palmas in homes and businesses.

The 4.85 kilograms of heroin seized was valued at more than 280,000 euros.

Four vehicles were also impounded and four bank accounts block.