|Friday, October 19, 2018
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Canaries watch unfolding drama in Catalonia 

All eyes in the Canary Islands, as throughout Spain and other parts of the world, have been on the unfolding drama concerning Catalonia’s controversial bid for independence.

Protests have spread to various parts of Spain as the two sides, one for unity, the other for self-rule, continue to clash but there have been few demonstrations or any unrest in the Canaries.

A woman was hurt when around 6,5000 protestors took to the streets of Mallorca. She was hit on the head by a stone after it was thrown at the crowd and needed hospital treatment.

An estimated 50,000 people joined in a demonstration in Madrid organised by the Foundation for the Defence of the Spanish Nation (Denaes), with chants of “Viva Cataluña, viva España”.

Adults and children were among the crowd whilst others hung from the balcony, where Spanish flags were draped.

Cries of “United Spain will never be defeated” were heard as extra police officers were called in to ensure there was no trouble.

The march coincided with another protest in the Spanish capital where pro-independence supporters dressed entirely in white. This was echoed elsewhere in Spain.

The demonstration was organised by “Hablamos” and called for “wisdom” and “dialogue” to solve the Catalan crisis.

The King of Spain has been calling for calm and unity whilst accusing the Catalan campaigners of disloyalty.

Spain’s Prime Minister has pledged that all measures will be taken against Catalonia’s bid for independence which he says is unlawful and will not happen.

Major developments were expected this week as the Tenerife News went to press.