|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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At last! Puerto negotiates second plot of land to complete bus station deal 

Puerto de la Cruz has finally got clearance for a second additional plot of land for a new bus station.

The news follows countless meetings and requests, including a recent one with officials of the General Directorate of Housing and Land.

The council says the Ministry of Public Works is to give a site located in the polygon “El Tejar”, with a surface area of 777 square metres, for the construction of the new bus depot.

The free transfer joins the already agreed allocation of an adjacent plot of 3,000 square metres.

The deal is until 2045 with a maximum period of of up to five years granted to Puerto council for the construction and commissioning of the new station.

The bus station in Puerto de la Cruz will involve an investment of 2.4 million euros, financed jointly by the Cabildo de Tenerife (1.7 million euros) and the Consortium for the Rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz (700,000 euros), with an execution period of 18 months, once the project has been awarded.

Puerto’s Mayor Lope Afonso said: “This is one of the best pieces of news we can give our residents, a project that is vital for the municipality and one we have waited a long time for its execution.”

He hopes advances can be made in the document to make the land available to the Cabildo “immediately” so that the island adminis-tration can “tender the project execution as soon as possible and can begin work before the end of the year.”

Sr. Afonso said he was pleased to “put an end to a bureaucratic tangle” that had weighed down the project much needed by Puerto over the last few years.

He now hoped Puerto would get the bus station it deserved.

This latest breakthrough has taken a year and a half of behind the scenes work to achieve the second plot of land.

Councillor for urbanism, Juan Carlos Marrero reaffirmed the commitment of the technical office to finalise the file.

The new bus station will be located between calle Hermanos Hernández Perdigón and Avenida de Melchor Luz.

It will be be built on a plot of 7,200 square metres and will have ten loading docks for travellers and ten waiting docks.

The project contemplates two pedestrian entrances, one from Avenida Melchor Luz Avenue at the southwest end, and a second entrance at the northeast end of the lobby that connects calle Hermanos Hernández Perdi-gón with calle el Pozo through the paseo jardinero.

The bus docks will be articulated in front of a longitudinal space cove-red with a concrete cano-py, as an interior street, which will act as a distributor and will organise the pedestrian flows both for access and departure of travellers. The different services will be included in this area.