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The unique celbrations of the Fiestas de La Piedad 


La Piedad is one of the most historically rooted districts of La Orotava, as different elements of the Villa’s origins come together.

It forms part of the urban fabric as an open space, which acts as a distribution centre for roads to other parts of the municipality. In addition, the Los Molinos Route begins here and it welcomed the wood processing industry that demanded the construction of the houses for the population at that time. Nowadays it preserves architectural and historical elements.

The present hermitage is located on the site that occupied an old one of circa XVIII. Since ancient times the great devotion to the Virgin of La Piedad has been maintained and every September the celebrations are celebrated in their honour, decorating the surrounding streets to welcome such a celebration.

Thus, on September 1, these festivities begin with one of the strongest acts of the programme: the election of the Gala Queen, a show that will feature famous artists such as the semifinalist of the programme La Voz, Paco Arrojo, and Jadel, from Tenerife who became known because of the musical talent show the Number 1, being the winner. The gala will also feature comedian Yanely Hernández de Clave de Ja.

 It will continue on September 2nd with the Gala of Election of the Children’s Queen, a great show for the little ones. And during the week of September 3rd to 10th, there will be various activities such as open air cinema, a folk festival, cavalcade, Gala Drag and the popular contest “La Piedad responds again”, an original festival where the protagonists are the residents of the neighbourhood.

 Deputy Mayor Narciso Pérez emphasises that this is a must in the summer calendar and appreciates the work of the residents and religious events. The chairman of the commission, José Raúl Domínguez, also stressed the collaboration provided by all the neighbours, friends of the district, the city council and numerous companies. “Among all, we have made it possible for the Fiestas de La Piedad to be, once again, a reality for the enjoyment of all those who visit us during these unique celebrations.”