|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Santa Cruz on an upward spiral of growth as more Jobs created 

Santa Cruz is on an upward spiral of growth, says its Mayor, as the number of new work contracts issued hits a record high.

The number signed between January and August of this year amounted to 72,577, the highest figure since 2005 when records began.

The city’s Development Society says that in the month of August, there was an increase in contracts of 5.8% compared to the same month of 2016, while the number of unemployed experienced a decline over the past year of 853, which is a decrease of 3.5%, leaving the number of unemployed in the municipality at 23,240.

The percentage increase in recruitment in August with respect to the previous year, which resulted in 9,273 contracts, is higher than that registered for the Canary Islands and for the island of Tenerife (with 3.4% and 4.3% respectively ).

The Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, said the data, added to others known in the last weeks, such as the creation of companies, the increase in tourist over-night stays and sales trade “puts us in a suitable scenario to continue to drive growth in the city. “

“Santa Cruz is in a positive spiral and continues to generate confidence in the business sector,” he said, adding: “A third of the jobs that are created in Tenerife are generated in this municipality.”

With regard to unemployment data, the labour development report of the Development Society highlights the good trend that the capital has been registering for several months, staying below the 24,000 unemployed people.

Likewise, the document notes that “in August the number of unemployed people stood at 23,240, which represents a decrease of 3.5% compared to the same month of the previous year (853 people less), but a slight increase over the past month July of 0.7% (155 more people).” Councillor for economic development Alfonso Cabello, said the good news had much to do with the evolution of tourism in Santa Cruz, which had received in the first half of 2017 a total of 1,084,221 tourists. However, the city had also experienced a revival in recent years in terms of commercialization and dynamism.

“Santa Cruz, despite registering a good evolution, must focus on improving the quality of employment that is being created, as well as on the stability of it, which will have a positive impact on consumption and the family savings, ” he stressed.