|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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New trails created in Teide National Park 

Tenerife Cabildo has opened more than 12 kilometres of new trails in the Teide National Park.

The work has allowed the opening of three new routes and the modification of a fourth that will offer visitors the possibility of passing through this space of the island and, at the same time, avoiding traffic on any road.

The project, carried out through the environment department, has had a total budget of 146,095.81 euros. This amount includes the work of clearing the land, delimiting the track, enabling steps, construction of embankments and small walls, drainage solutions and different types of signage.

Vice president and environment councillor, José Antonio Valbuena, said the work was intended to make the Teide National Park increasingly accessible to the user and contribute to it being one of the national tourist references.

The first route connects the Las Cañadas area with the trails that start in the vicinity of the cable car. Its route is divided into two sub-sections of about 3,000 metres in length each. The first one links the San José Mines and the White Mountain parking lot. In the second case, it links the parking lots with the area of Majúa and Cable Car.

Another one of the paths opened, of more than 4,000 metres in length, encom-passes the area of the Mirador del Llano de Ucan-ca, the Roques de García, the Mirador de la Roulette and the Parador with Boca Tauce, making it possible to walk the complete route from Este to West by the central zone of the Park through this type of natural trails.

The Cabildo says the work was carried out with the least possible disruption to the land. Very little vegetation was touched to keep the area as natural as posible.