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MiradasDoc is consolidated as a reference festival in Latin America 


Television channels from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil have confirmed their presence in the Market of the International Documentary Film Festival of Guía de Isora

MiradasDoc is therefore consolidated as a reference festival in Latin America. In fact, the film institutes of Chile and Uruguay will include the International Documentary Film Festival of Guía de Isora in its official list.

Director of MiradasDoc Market, David Baute participated at the end of July in DocMontevideo in the Uruguayan capital and secured the participation of several Latin American tele-vision channels in the MiradasDoc Market of 2018.

“Señal Colombia and Canal Pacífico, two Colombian television stations; Channel 22, of Mexico; Canal Encuentro, from Argentina, and Canal Futuro from Brazil, among others, will begin to form part of our panel of buyers, which extends the presence of representatives from Latin American countries, ” he said.

Sr. Baute was invited by the organisers of the Uruguayan competition to deliver a prize in the pitching of DocMontevideo and to be part of a panel, together with representatives of the main televisions of America Latin and major documentary film festivals.

“Our work consisted of listening to the projects and holding meetings with the directors, a process similar to the one we are doing here, to finally select the winning documentary; in our case the film chosen was Sam, by the Brazilian director Paula Gomes, who has already submitted works in MiradasDoc, ” he explained.

Samuel, 14, lives in a rural environment and aims to be recognised as a man despite the fact that physically and biologically he has a woman’s body.

The presence of MiradasDoc in the Teatro Solís, home of the Uruguayan festival and main theatre in Montevideo, also included a sample of short films from the Tenerife festival, complemented by a lecture by David Baute on the Festival and Documentary Film Market of Guía de Isora before an audience of documentalists and producers who participated in a later debate.

According to David Daute, the stay in Uruguay has served to increase contacts with numerous producers in Latin America who are interested in having their films participate in the XII edition of MiradasDoc, which has an October 15th registration deadline.

Finally, he highlighted the “interesting relationship” with the representatives of ChileDoc, which has produ-ced “alliances in which we work with their projects and have advised them for some of their documentaries.”