|Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Migrants travelled to Spain on false passports with similar pictures 

National Police agents have arrested in Parla (Madrid) a Dominican citizen belonging to an organisation dedicated to the illegal introduction of immigrants in Spain and and falsification of documents.

After capturing his victims, he provided them with falsified documents and took care of airline tickets and other expenses derived from the trip. The detainee, a Dominican citizen, captured clients for the organisation and collected the false documents used by immigrants once they arrived in Spain to reuse them in subsequent immigrant remittances.

The process of attracting customers took place mainly in the Dominican Republic, where the organisation sought people interested in coming to Spain and offered them documentation, airline tickets and the necessary accommodation during the time of the trip in exchange for amounts of money. This could range between 6,000 and 10,000 euros, which had to be delivered before leaving the Dominican Republic and at different scales of the trip.

In that country, the organisation elaborated or falsified the documentation necessary for migrants to travel to Turkey and then to Greece. There they were provided with new documents, in this case passports with photographs of people who resembled them physically, with those who enter fraudulently in Spain.

The operation is still open, both nationally and interna-tionally, so further arrests are not ruled out.