|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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La Orotava produces new walking brochure to highlights its charms 


If you enjoy walking, a new venture in beautiful La Orotava will definitely be of interest.

The local council has recently published a tourist brochure featuring the main trails of the municipality.

In particular, four approved routes are promoted: La Caldera por Mamio; Casa del Agua by Pinolere; Ruta del Agua by Aguamansa and Llano de Corrales, also by Pinolere.

The triptych, which also has the collaboration of Tenerife Cabildo, responds to a great demand from tourists and visitors who head for La Orotava to get to know its charms.

Thus, it collects the main data of each route: length in kilometres and approximate duration; degree of difficulty; data to be taken into account; how to get there; connection with other trails and description of the route and so on.

It also shows a general map of the area with the respective routes and additional information of interest to the hiker such as advice on the appropriate material to carry and safety. Likewise, telepho-nes, emails and websites of interest such as Titsa and taxis of La Orotava, the Municipal Tourist Information Office or the Citizen Assistance Centre of the Cabildo of Tenerife are also available.

The website www.tenerife.es also provides information on the state of the trails, as the Cabildo, as manager of the protected natural spaces and the network of trails on the island, updates these and can be very useful before planning a route.

La Orotava offers numerous and attractive trails in the coastal zone, as well as in the summits and Teide national park.

Tourism councillor Delia Escobar said the council wanted to continue the initiative by improving the trails, expanding them, installing better signposting and letting people know about them through leaflets etc.

These brochures are distributed mainly in the Municipal Tourist Information Office of La Orotava, although they are also in hotels in the north area and other tourist offices that request it. In addition, it can be downloaded in pdf from the municipal website laorotava.es

Delia Escobar stressed that La Orotava, the only municipality in Spain that goes from zero to 3,718 meters, has a great range of landscapes, flora and fauna, as well as numerous corners to walk on foot.

“With this type of initiative, we intend to respond to a tourism sector that is increasingly having a great growth as it seeks to contact with nature, sport and the discovery of destiny through unique sensory experiences,” she said.