|Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Keeping fit on the beach 


Keeping fit is proving fun for the older generation of Granadilla de Abona and Arona, thanks to a new programme of fitness on the beach.

The beautiful setting for this initiative, organised by the Granadilla council’s department of the third age, is the bay of El Médano.

Some 250 people took advantage of the first session which was opened by the Mayor, José Domingo Regalado González.

The programme continues throughout August on a Mon-day, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to noon. Transport is provided.

Sr. Regalado welcomed the great turnout and said the sessions were specifically aimed at older folk, giving them the chance to enjoy exercise in the open and to socialise with others.

“The main objective is to maintain an active lifestyle and healthy habits,” said counci-llor for the third age, Sara Cano Delgado. The programme has four monitors who will be in charge of conducting yoga, maintenance and aerobics exercises. Tee-shirts and caps are provided!