|Monday, May 21, 2018
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Heroin seizure “largest in Spain in recent years” 


Police in Pontevedra have seized the largest amount of heroin in recent years in Spain.

The joint operation was carried out by the National Police and the Tax Agency.

Police said the organisation was dedicated to the trafficking of heroin and have seized 65 kilograms of the narcotic. It is the largest amount of heroin seized in our country in recent years.

There are eleven detainees, including the main person in charge, five Spanish people, five Bulgarians and a man of Portuguese nationality. They used the Galician distribution channels for the subsequent transfer of the drug to the rest of Spain and to Portugal from Bulgaria.

The investigation began in 2016, when agents detected that a Spanish-Bulgarian criminal group was trying to introduce in Spain a large quantity of narcotic substances from South America. On this occasion the group, com-posed of the eleven indivi-duals arrested, attempted to transfer large quantities of heroin to Spain from Bulgaria.

The Spanish members, along with another of Portuguese nationality, were in charge of the collection of heroin and its subsequent delivery, also carrying out logistic tasks such as the rental of real estate for the concealment of narcotics and vans for the transfer of the drug, getting the necessary tools for their illegal activity, etc.

They rented an industrial warehouse located in the Pontevedra village of Caldas de Reis to hide a truck type trailer, with the heroin inside. They intended to move the drug to another van and then take it to a safer place.

“As for Bulgarian nationals, two of them were responsible for driving the truck carrying the narcotics, while the other three gave security in the narco-transport operation. In this way, the organisation took important surveillance measures to avoid being detected, both in their travels and in their communications,” said a police spokesman.

Agents seized 118 packets with 64 kilograms of heroin, 60,000 euros in cash, 15 mobile phones and four vehicles, including the trailer-type truck.