|Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Fast action can save a life, says emergency services 


The Canary Emergency Service is relaying new information about how to act in the event of a traffic accident.

The correct, swift action can help to save a life and minimise injuries, they say as part of a new education campaign.

“As a first advice, call 1-1-2 and provide information on the location, number and condition of the injured,” they say.

“The person raising the alert must follow at all times the instructions of the coordinating physician until the arrival of the health personnel.”

This information can be relayed in English as the 112 service can provide help in a variety of languages.

Other important advice to anyone coming across a road accident is to make sure they park their own vehicle in a safe place to avoid further danger both to themselves and other road users.

Staying calm is essential so all the relevant information can be given to the emergency services. This includes reporting if anyone appears to be trapped. If possible and deemed safe, switch off the car engine and try to reassure the injured party.

If the casualty has suffered a head injury, they should not be moved and you should never give food or drink to any victim.

If a limb appears to have been affected, the arm or leg should be elevated.

The SUC says people who arrive on the scene are their “eyes and ears” but they should never act without being told how to do so by the 112 doctor on the end of the telephone.