|Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Environmentalists reject La Palma golf course 

Ecologists on La Palma have rejected plans for a new golf course on La Palma and have reiterated their opposition to any of the facilities on the island.

Rules for the conservation of the natural space of Tamanca are currently being drawn up which will determine the compatibility or not of the construction of a golf course with the protection of the natural space.

But Ecologists in Action reject the proposal and all the other golf courses on La Palma, according to Spanish newspaper Diario de Avisos, saying they respond to mere interests of “entrepreneurs and speculators”, rather than the society of La Palma.

Spokesman Pablo Díaz claims the promotion by the Cabildo of golf courses and development of land therefore contradicts their stance of protecting the environment and promoting tourism linked to nature, hiking or watching the stars.

“Under no circumstances will we support the creation of a golf course, not only because of the environmental, landscape and historical impact that it represents, but also because it is not a real demand that La Palma has, and only obeys particular interests,” Sr. Diaz told the newspaper.

He said the surveys being carried out showed no regard for palm trees and that in the case of Tamanca, there were protected species of a rare grasshopper. Ecologists are still awaiting the outcome of the plan to be drafted on this protected area.