|Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Canary sex pervert, 36, arrested in Las Palmas for posing as a child to lure victims 

National Police agents have arrested a 36-year-old man in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an alleged perpetrator of a juvenile corruption offence through grooming techniques.

The arrested man created up to three false profiles in a well-known social network, posing as a minor, through which he exchanged sexually-oriented photos. After analysing the contacts of the groomer’s false profiles, up to 15 underage girls were identified, one of whom was offered 500 euros in exchange for having sex.

“The cyberagents of the group of Technological Crimes of the Higher Police Headquarters of the Canary Islands initiated an investigation that has led to the identification and judicial intervention of the three user accounts supposedly used to contact minors and offer money to these in exchange for sex,” said a police spokesman.

“In the conversations maintained through the chats, a clear sexual nuance was revealed in all cases, with an exchange of images and propositions of this type. All the intervened accounts had been created and managed from the same IP address.”

 Behind these profiles, the agents have identified a 36-year-old man posing as a child to exchange sexually-based photographs and the ultimate purpose of having sex with girls, offering them different amounts of money . A total of 15 victims have been identified, all of them underage girls.

“The agents have proceeded to the arrest of this person in the municipality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as alleged perpetrator of a crime of corruption of minors. In addition, a record has been made at the detainee’s home where two laptops, an external hard disk, three USB sticks and a mobile phone have been made available, which have been made available to the Computer Perception Group of the Provincial Police Brigade Scientific of Las Palmas for analysis and study,” said the spokesman. Among the material involved is a laptop computer also used, according to the arrested, to download child pornography through a peer to peer file sharing client. The National Police stress the importance of educating children and adolescents in safe guidelines for surfing the Net and avoid being a victim of grooming and other crimes such as sextorsión.

“Always distrust strangers,” say the police. “In the virtual world, not everyone is who they say they are; keep computers updated and protected to prevent file theft; never give in to the harasser’s blackmail and seek the help of an adult or the police in case of being a victim of harassment or intimidation on the Internet.”

 The cyberagents of the National Police have set up a special website of www.policia.es/colabora.php to give further advice and for the reporting of any suspicions.