|Monday, May 21, 2018
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Buying versus renting a car 

So you’ve made the big move or indeed are what is often termed as a “Swallow” and always find the need for the use of a car so you hire one, right? Well as with renting a property its always a good idea initially as it give you a feel of the place you are living in and lets you make the decision as to whether you like it in said place or not. You are able to apply the same principle to a car. You rent for example a few weeks, which then turns into months and before you know it you have spent a small fortune on renting and still the thing is not yours!

If you are only using the island as a holiday destination for just thoose two to four weeks or a little more per year then renting is always going to be the best option, but look around and search out the best companies with not only the best offers but consider the conditions too that are always in the small print.

Now if you own a property here and come whenever you can, for weeks at a time or long weekends at Christmas, Easter and of course if you have children then school holidays then it is seriously worth considering buying a reliable car. This would of course need consideration as secondhand cars are not in the same price brackets as the UK as, being on an island, demand for new cars is lower, so the secondhand market does not provide you with the massive choice you can get in the UK. However if you look for a reputable dealer or garage then you will get a decent deal and once paid for the car is yours whenever you want it, so if parents, family, friends etc want to use your apartment they too can benefit from the use and convenience of a car.

Of course there is a paperwork involved, what else would you expect in Spain, but a trustworthy dealer will be able to do all this for you and more often than not the transfer into your name is included in the price you pay. Some people will buy privatly which is fine but as an individual you should ensure that the car is debt free and is ACTUALLY the property of the person who is trying to sell it, as always buyer beware as everywhere in the world these days. If you have any doubts then contact a professional to do this paperwork for you, which will come at a cost but that will give you peace of mind that all will run smoothly.

For the people fondly known as Swallows its is also a better idea to buy rather than rent a car, or indeed use taxis for things such as shopping, hospital visits, days out.

A lot of people coming from abroad, i.e. UK, Germany, France etc are unaware that the No Claims discount they have built up in thier country of origin can be used here in order to achieve a better price on insurance. Car tax is minimal here too in comparision to the UK, an average cost (dependant on vehicle make model and engine size and emmisions) varies from around 45 euros upwards to around 200 euros for a top of the range high end car, which in this scenario would be unlikely.

So if you rent then its dead money never to be retrivied but if you buy you will always be able to recoup some of your outlay when you sell or upgrade and second hand cars tend to hold their value a lot better than in the UK. All good points to take into consideration.