|Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Arona aims for energy reduction with light replacement scheme 


Arona is reducing its energy expenditure by 15% in fifteen areas of Valle San Lorenzo, Buzanada, Las Américas and Los Cristianos.

The council has executed a plan that has seen the replacement of 1,400 points of light and electronic equipment.

The plan has meant the change of 1,459 light bulbs that, in Valle San Lorenzo, has benefited the areas of Era del Valo, Church Square, El Almendro, Las Casas de Abajo and the surrounding areas of them all. In Buzanada, the replacement of light points has affected the parking areas located next to the football field and the Luciano Bello avenue. In each of the nuclei, 526 units have been replaced.

On the streets of Las Américas and Los Cristianos, the works have been carried out on the Paseo Teneguía and the surroundings, Avenida Gómez Cuesta (opposite the stadium), the Paseo Marítimo from the ravine of Troya to the street Luis Díaz Losada and from the pier of Los Christians up to Costamar, Paseo San Salvador and the surrounding area, Arenas Blancas street and surroundings and Paseo Veracruz, with a total of 644 substituted points of light.

The cultural centre in Los Cristianos has also seen the replacement of 224 lights.

The plan also contemplates the substitution and improvement of the public lighting of avenue Juan Carlos I.

With all these changes, the power installed in all these zones has gone from 152.022 kilowatts to 118.289, which has meant a 22% savings, a percentage that is reinforced by the installation of a system that reduces the power at night.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained that “with these jobs we are fulfilling, on the one hand, the need to renew street lighting in many parts of the municipality, a constant demand for our residents. In addition, we are insisting that sustainability is one of the pillars of the action of this group of government and for this we have to set an example, working on a clear reduction in energy consumption.”

The total budget of this project amounts to 383.897,12 euros.