|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Tenerife fire service reiterates “keep safe this summer” alert 

Firefighters in Tenerife have reiterated their appeal to members of the public to take all precautions to avoid fires this summer.

The Insular Consortium of Firemen of Tenerife says it is vital to respect all the preventative measures necessary to avoid fires and other incidents common during the summer season in both urban and rural areas coinciding with record high temperatures.

According to the president of the Insular institution, Javier Rodríguez Medina, in July (1,763) and in August (1,748), more than 3,500 calls were registered from the 112 emergency control centre.

Fires in stubble were the most common emergencies during this time of year. As a result of this, firefighters ask visitors and local people alike to take special precautions in rural environments as it poses an added risk for possible propagation with high temperatures.

Therefore, as is customary every year during the summer, the Consortium launches a series of recommendations that are aimed both at preventing the occurrence of fire and at protecting and minimising its consequences once the incident has occurred.

In this regard, Javier Rodríguez hopes that this summer’s campaign, taking into account the interventions made to date, will conclude without serious incidents and can be closed with a positive balance.

 In urban settings, many of the fires are of electrical origin, so it is advisable to disconnect appliances during the holiday period, leaving only the electrical supply for the indispensable such as, for example, the alarm or the refrigerator.

It is also necessary to leave the reducer of the butane bottle disconnected to avoid any gas escape. And it is advisable to have a smoke detector with an alarm. In addition, it is also recommended to close the general valve at the water supply connection to prevent possible leaks of water by flexible pipes or other piping elements.

 Finally, the Insular Consortium recommends that it is advisable to leave a contact telephone number with the president of the community or a trusted neighbour.

In the case of housing in rural environments where the existence of scrub or stubble is close, it is important to keep the perimeter area clean. If the residues resulting from cleaning cannot be removed in a short period, they must be stored in an isolated area which cannot be affected by any fire.

 Also, it is necessary to take care of and prune the garden, leaving it free of climbing vines and climbing plants susceptible to propagate a fire. On the other hand, it is important to have a garden hose connected to a water faucet, on the outside of the house, to cover any draft of fire, at least stretching half the perimeter of the building.

 As in urban buildings, it is advisable to leave a contact telephone number to a trusted neighbour, in case of an emergency.

“These recommendations are intended to prevent fire, a constant risk in any place such as work, home, and our leisure activities, since almost all of these fires or injuries are due to the lack of adequate procedures, and therefore avoidable,” said a fire service spokesman.