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Santa Cruz hosts first women’s soccer tournament in the Canaries 

Santa Cruz is hosting the first international women’s soccer tournament in the Canaries.

“United by Women’s Football” is taking place in the Athletics Centre of Tenerife, in Tíncer, having started on August 14th and continuing until August 18th.

Teams are taking part from Tenerife, Portugal and Serbia.

Councillor for sport for Santa Cruz council, Veronica Meseguer said: “It is a pride to go down in history as the first municipality in the Canary Islands to organise an international women’s football tournament.”

This was echoed by Cristo Pérez, sports councillor for Tenerife Cabildo who said they were committed to equality in sport” and promoting tournaments such as this one demonstrated this fact.

Vice president of the Football Federation of Tenerife, Francisco Rivera said the introduction of women’s football had difficult beginnings but he was pleased to see how it was developing with more teams springing up year after year. ” A tournament of this level will undoubtedly help show that there are more and more people practising this sport on our island and on the Canary Islands, ” he added.

Director of the tournament, Elena Pérez Serichol, stressed that the intention “is that this is more than a women’s football tournament. Our line of work aims to make women a key player in the sports sector, not only as an athlete but also as a manager “.

The matches will take place during the afternoon session, from 4pm to 9pm and, in parallel, on Wednesday, March 16th, there will be a clinic in the Quico Cabrera Pavilion, from 11am to 1pm which will include the participation of women’s sports professionals. A working round table will also be set up, scheduled for August 17th at 7.30pm at the Mencey Hotel, with the aim of promoting synergies that favour the emergence of projects aimed at empowering women in the world of sport .

The final is on August 18th at 7.30pm.

Ttickets are already on sale on the portal www.ticke-tea.com at the price of ten euros for all the games.