|Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Puerto promises better services after meeting historic debt 

Delighted officials in Puerto de la Cruz are promising better services are cancelling the municipality’s historic spending debt.

The local council has sent an official statement to the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Spain whereby it communicates its departure from the Adjustment Plan provided for in Article 7 Of Real Decreto Ley 4/2012, of February 24.

The statement confirms the authority has totally cancelled the debt it contracted with financial institutions and in 2013 amounted to 37,417,690 euros.

After the last payment, of 550,004 euros, made on July 31st, the current debt with the banks is zero.

Sandra Rodriguez, delegate councillor for the Socio-Economic Area, pointed out that as a priority of the Economic Area it had been proposed “to remove the Adjustment Plan from Puerto as soon as possible”. This was expected to occur in 2023 but “with the efforts made by all residents, this milestone has been achieved in this same accounting year,” he said.

This new economic scenario will allow Puerto de la Cruz to improve the provision of services, especially those concerning compulsory services, which deal with cleaning services, household waste collection and garden care.

“In other ways, the services over which the council was receiving the greatest number of complaints on the part of residents,” said the council.

Sandra Rodríguez has already announced a future tax rebate on certain taxes and municipal fees, at the last press conference announcing the cancellation of the debt. In this sense, she said that “recently we have been working with the economic team, analysing each and every one of the municipal taxes and charges, in order to achieve, by 2018, a reduction of fiscal pressure to Puerto.”