|Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Nudism ban angers Spanish Federation of Naturism 

A popular seaside town has come under fire for proposing some of the toughest beach regulations in Spain, including fines for urinating in the ocean, playing ballgames on the sand and riding bikes on the promenade.

San Pedro del Pinatar on the Murcia coastline is planning to introduce the new set of rules with fines ranging from 750 euros to 3,000 euros.

The restrictions came into force on July 18th and have already caused local controversy, especially as one of the orders will ban nudism.

The Spanish Federation of Naturism says it plans to take action against the local council for going against European law. They say “fundamental freedoms can only be limited by an organic law” and point out that, by tradition, it is a 10km stretch of beach frequently used by naturists.

The restrictions will make San Pedro del Pinatar one of the toughest towns in Spain when it comes to “anti-social” behaviour.

Swimmers will be fined if they are found urinating in the sea, reserving umbrellas, taking animals on the sand, using soap in the showers, playing loud music, surfing, holding barbecues on the beach, using boats within 200 metres of the coast or causing damage to the fauna and flora.

Objectors say the council is taking controls too far but officials insist they are needed for , health and safety, preserv-ing the environment and balancing tourism.

Mayoress Visitación Martínez said other areas of Spain had banned urinating either in the sea or on the water’s edge and does not regard any of the new rules as “out of the ordinary”.

Anyone caught short will be fined 800 euros and those reserving an umbrella or putting a towel on it will find themselves out of pocket to the tune of 750 euros.

The Spanish Federation of Naturism says it will fight part of the order which prohibits nudism, claiming it is a “Franco proclamation” and “a return to the times of persecution.”